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Lanoguard Rust Protection Treatment FAQ’s

Q1. Can Lanoguard be applied over surface rust?

Yes, Lanoguard will displace oxygen and moisture, providing a hermetic seal on the surface which stops the rust in its tracks and stops new rust from forming. Due to Lanolin’s natural affinity to metals, it will also seep under the rust and push out oxidation. It will not completely remove rust, that is something we can do if needed, but it will nourish and improve the surface over the long term.

Q2. How long does Lanoguard last?

Lanoguard  has been designed for yearly/seasonal applications. It should be topped up at least once a year to ensure continuous protection.

The product is broken down by UV, so the more it is exposed to sunlight, the shorter its lifespan. Given these factors, Lanoguard states  it lasts  for 9-18 months, however in almost all applications it lasts a year.

Q3. Is Lanoguard eco-friendly?

Lanoguard is eco-friendly and has green non-hazardous certifications. It does not require special handling, protective clothing or disposable gloves. The primary ingredient of Lanoguard is lanolin which is a very ecologically safe and sound base.

Q4. How much does Lanoguard treatment cost?

Depending on the size of the vehicle and the current state of the underside, prices start from £180.

 We can also provide a Lanoguard 1-2-3 Protection Programme.

This is a 3-year service that starts initially with the steam clean and Lanoguard coating.

The 2nd year we pressure wash the underside to remove any road dirt and top the Lanoguard protection.

In the 3rd year, we perform a further pressure wash, with a top up of Lanoguard to carry on with its protection.

Please contact us for more information and prices.

All the above services are photographed for the customers records.

For more detailed information on the Lanoguard product please visit their website at

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