Sherwood Restorations Ltd have been restoring and maintaining classic sports cars for many decades and one of the largest issues is rust and the prevention of rust.

The service we can provide using Lanoguards fantastic product is to help keep your vehicle in great condition.  We first steam clean the underside of your vehicle, removing dirt and grit and then we dry it off to get it ready for detailing. Then lastly, we apply the Lanoguard. This service is not only for classic cars but for also modern cars as well. In fact, the more modern the better as rust has not had a chance to take hold and Lanoguard will help protect the car for future owners. I have recently Lanoguarded the underside of my 2017 Mini Cooper and pictures are on the gallery.  If this service is of interest, please contact us for more details. We are a an Official Lanoguard Apllication Centre.

For more detailed information on the Lanoguard product please visit their website at

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