Our selection of vehicles 'for sale' is constantly changing, offering a diverse selection of some of the true 'icons' of motoring through the ages.

We do not specialise in any one particular make or model, but we do specialise in quality. More often than not, cars that are offered to us are turned away because our benchmark standards are quite simply, not being achieved. One thing that we will not do is offer inferior examples to our ever increasing and demanding client base. Many customers purchase without even seeing the end product – a true leap of faith, but one that has taken many years to achieve, providing the peace of mind that you can rely on, knowing that when your dream 'classic' rolls out of the transporter, it will be everything and more than you expected. If your specific requirement is not physically sat in the showroom, then please tell us.

Many hours are spent sourcing that hard to locate dream. You may not have the knowledge or confidence to follow the 'private purchase' route or you may have done so in the past and have suffered the consequences. What about the auction route? Buyer beware - this is often costly and frustrating! We can remove that fear and provide you with the facility to source, prepare and present that long awaited dream. We are open seven days a week and are awaiting your call.




Sherwood Restorations offer a diverse selection of vehicles...